From Infants With Facial Hair to Mona Lisa Moustaches

 - May 29, 2009   Updated: Jun 24 2011
There is something about the moustache that is so intriguing. Men seem to be digging the 1970's biker cop look lately, growing their semi-ironic facial hair in hilarious manners.

Whether you are a fan of the Frenchman, the Stromboli, the beans for breakfast or the 70s porn star facial 'do, there is a 'stache for everyone to enjoy.

Have a gander at the gallery for some moustache madness!

Implications - You may be surprised to find these hairy facial features plastered on the Mona Lisa, tiny babies, jewelry and your favorite celebs. If you can't seem to grow a moustache, you can always opt for stick-on ones or even a faux facial hair hood that slips around your face.