'Why I Love and Hate Having a Smartphone' Brings the Funnies

By: Jason Soy - Jun 14, 2011
References: theoatmeal & facebook
Comedy's best when it strikes a chord with reality and this 'Why I Love and Hate Having a Smartphone' infographic does just that. Not only does the kooky comic mock smartphone users in a hilarious manner, but it also touches upon some real advantages and disadvantages of the modern device.

Sure, you're now able to settle debates with friends with a quick Internet search, work from home via the internet, and skip boring parts of movies by looking up all the cool clips on YouTube, but people are also becoming overly reliant on smartphones to the point where they feel a compulsive need to check up on it every time it vibrates. Modern convenience? Or insomnia inducer? I'll let 'Why I Love and Hate Having a Smartphone' help you decide.