The adidas Originals Popup Shop is Made for a Sneaker-Loving Giant

By: Meghan Young - Feb 18, 2013
References: adidas & neatorama
There is no structure more appropriate for a footwear company than one modeled after a shoe box like the adidas Originals Popup Shop was. Unless, of course, the building took on the shape of an actual shoe, in this case an adidas branded sneaker. As it is, this store is utterly impressive. It looks like it was the shoe box for a giant. The semi-opened lid suggests that someone tried on the shoes inside.

Created for the Primavera music festival in Barcelona, Spain, the adidas Originals Popup Shop was certainly a main attraction. Incredibly detailed, the store has everything from the information of the shoe on the side of the 'shoe box' to a couple of laces peaking from the roof. A fun creation, the adidas Originals Popup Shop is a sight to behold.