The Zip It Tablecloth Re-Prioritizes the Dining Experience

 - Jul 25, 2013
References: psfk
It's becoming more customary for people to have their phones on them at the dinner table, no matter how rude it is; the Zip It Tablecloth addresses this new development in an interesting way. Instead of making people leave their smartphones elsewhere, the Zip It Tablecloth provides a convenient spot for them to secret it away so that they can better pay attention to their fellow diners without feeling completely disconnected.

The Zip It Tablecloth was designed by Paula O'Connor, a product and furniture designer based in Dublin, Ireland. Part of the Dining Together Matters collection, it was created to celebrate the joy of eating and dining. O'Connor writes, "For many, the act of dining and eating together has been lost. For several individuals, dining has been reduced to a rushed affair. We "eat" but do not engage in a dining experience."