The Zen Pen Fulfills Your Artistic Needs for Both Paper and Touchscreens

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: yankodesign
Many contemporary artists draw in two media and the Zen Pen is the ideal tool for transitioning between them. Designed by Thanh Ly, this illustrating and writing implement has a tip on both of its ends that is intended for making markings on different surfaces.

Should you wish to doodle in your notebook, make use of the ballpoint pen end of the utensil; to scribble on your tablet, flip it around and use it as a digital stylus. If you are wanting to get creative on a touchscreen, you're afforded a couple of options. A twisting mechanism lets you screw on and screw off the iPad-ready tip so that you can alternate between a multilayer silicone end and a precision point. Whatever you do, you'll be pleased with the versatile and lightweight aluminum Zen Pen.