The Zelda Bottled Fairy Charm Necklace Protects From Harm

 - Oct 20, 2012
References: etsy & fashionablygeek
Zelda video game fans may be nostalgic for the little fairies that bring you back to life when you die, and Zelda bottled fairy charm necklace gives gamers a way to bring their fandom to life.

These little charms come in various colors and dangle off of a black hemp cord with a metal clasp. The little fairies are made of polystyrene and painted using acrylic paint. They are placed in clear goo to look like they are flying in the tiny jar. Unfortunately, if you were planning on trying to take your fairy out of the bottle, the cork is glued on to prevent it from leaving you.

Every Legend of Zelda fan should have there own personal lifesaving nymph, and the Zelda bottled fairy charm necklace by YellerCrakka makes that possible.