You Did Not Eat That Questions the Authenticity of Instagram

 - Jun 6, 2014
References: instagram & jezebel
'You Did Not Eat That' is an Instagram account that's dedicated to calling out faux food photo shoots. You know the ones: skinny models and actresses posing with nachos, ice cream cones and burgers that, well, they most likely didn't eat.

While I normally don't condone policing other people's food consumption and eating habits, some of the inscriptions on these photos are pretty hilarious. For instance, a shot of a bikini beauty "enjoying" a burger is captioned, "Anyone else notice that she's posing like her mouth is full but the burger is 100% intact?" Another image of a blonde carrying an ice cream cone writes, "So excited to get paid by Magnum to hold this in my hand whilst staring vacantly into my iPhone in celebration of their 25th anniversary. And then promptly give it back to the publicist just off screen making this happen."

There's something especially irritating about taut, tanned and totally beautiful people pretending that they're just like us. This Instagram account throws down the gauntlet when it comes to advertisers using unrealistic images to make us feel bad about ourselves.