XY by Aissa Logerot Turns from Table to Chair

 - Aug 4, 2011
References: aissalogerot
Versatility in furnishings is often underexplored, so it's refreshing to see this compelling project called XY by Aissa Logerot. Not satisfied with fulfilling merely one function, this shape-shifting piece can quickly become whatever it is you need at the moment.

A sturdy metal frame allows a T-shaped configuration of wooden panels to pivot around in a circle. When the longest surface of the moveable is facing up, you've got yourself a coffee table; however, when this lengthy board is oriented vertically, the short perpendicular plane offers the perfect seat, supported by the tabletop as a backrest. Existing as two very different objects at once but performing only one role at a time, XY by Aissa Logerot introduces a clever dynamic quality to your interior space.