X-Box 360 Handheld Is Microsoft Zune + X-Box 360 + Cell Phone

 - Jun 25, 2008
References: t3
We all know that Microsoft's Zune did not live up to its hype and hasn't come close to being an 'iPod killer'. And with the success of the iPhone, it's certain that Microsoft will be tapping into a handheld music/phone in the near future. However, will it be successful? And would Microsoft's X-Box legacy help give such a handheld device a boost to put them ahead of the competition?

The awesome T3 Magazine dreamed up a Microsoft Zune / X-Box 360 / mobile phone hybrid. Their vision features "the familiar X logo and coloured buttons of the X-Box with the slim and sleek Zune music player." It also comes with a 64GB flash drive.

C'mon Microsoft. Do it!