The 'Wolverine' by Woody Allen Parody Nails the Screenwriter's Style

 - Aug 5, 2013
References: refinery29
This 'Wolverine' interpretation and Woody Allen parody is one I'd watch over and over again. Who knew two such vastly different pop culture subjects would come together so well and create this comedic masterpiece?

This Official Comedy version superimposes Allen's neurosis and self-loathing with Wolverine's sense of alienation and identity confusion perfectly. The video is full of memorable one liners. Several Marvel characters make an appearance, including Rogue (Wolverine's romantic interest), Professor X (his shrink) and Cyclops (his confidant). One line that stands out in particular is when Woody as Wolverine tells Cyclops his sunglasses are "so LA."

While this is clearly a Woody Allen parody, Marvel should seriously consider taking on the legendary director for their next reprisal of this comic book classic.