Plow Earth's Wood Fire Pit Looks Like a Hollowed Out Tree Stump

 - Apr 9, 2014
References: plowhearth & thegreenhead
A wood fire pit can sometimes be a pain to set up; you have to create a safe non-flammable surrounding and then try to get the fire started without the wind extinguishing it or even worse, spreading it elsewhere. Even after the fire is put out, you are left with a mess of ashes to worry about spreading. Plow Earth's 'Faux Tree Stump Fire Pit' will help with all your fire-related woes.

This fire pit is constructed from cast stone and fiberglass and features a metal insert that will contain the fire and ash. It also includes a grate, spark guard, and poker. However, this fire pit vastly differs from others you may have seen; it isn't a huge metal or stone contraption that sticks out when not in use. This fire pit blends in naturally with its outdoor surroundings because it is designed to look like a tree stump.