Women Dominate Social Networks, Study

 - Aug 25, 2007
References: business.timesonline
Looks like the ladies are more addicted to social networking than men. Of course they are -- they always dominated telephones, chatting for hours on end. They were the queens of text messaging. Oh yeah, and it's the perfect tool for gossiping too! What woman doesn't love perusing photos of old high school friends, former colleagues or -- you better believe it, gents -- ex-boyfriends to scrutinize and compare, to see who's changed most?

"Signalling the apparent "feminisation" of the web, young adult women spent more time online than men in 2006," reported The Times. "Nearly 2.2 million women between 25 and 34 accounted for 55 per cent of the time spent online by that age group."

"If learning how to use the technology was ever a barrier to women getting online, it isn't today and, frankly, there are more interesting things for women to do on the web than in the past â€" especially when it comes to socialising," an MSN rep reported.