Windcentrale Power Sells Green Power Produced by Windmills

 - Sep 13, 2011
References: & springwise
Windmills may not be a common sight in America yet, but they could be if Windcentrale Power takes off. Windcentrale Power is a Dutch company that lets household purchase their energy from windmills.

Each windmill under Windcentrale Power is expected to produce up to 500 kwh (kilowatt hours) of electricity a year, with a typical Dutch household requiring 3500 kwh of electricity per year. Interested parties can purchase as many 500 kwh shares as they like, letting households edge into the green power scene as quickly or slowly as they like. On days that it is not windy, Windcentrale will still meet its projected power output by drawing energy from the traditional grid.

Windcentrale Power is currently fielding requests from interested parties. The company has a goal of 3,000 requests before it sets up operations in 2013. If Windcentrale Power were to take off in the Netherlands, it could inspire U.S. energy companies to start offering green energy alternatives to their customers.