Wilfred Wood's Dogs are Weird But Wonderful

 - Nov 14, 2014
References: wilfridwood & itsnicethat
Wilfred Wood's dogs are not your typical pooches. The London-based sculptor has created a series of caricatured canines for his latest exhibition, simply titled 'Dogs,' which is currently on display at Beach London.

The dogs have an exaggerated, almost grotesque appearance. Think bulging eyes, distorted faces and large, lolling tongues. The final result is a bunch of dogs, from Jack Russells to Chihuahuas, with distinctly human features and/or essence. It's pretty comical, to say the least!

Wilfred chose to focus on dogs for this collection because he wanted it to be as straight-forward and singularly focused as possible. He explains, "For this I wanted a clear subject that everyone could understand and ‘Dogs’ seems about as direct as you can get."