The Wi-Fi-Protecting Wallpaper Blocks Hackers and Piggy-Backers

 - May 12, 2012
References: linformaticien & dvice
Conspiracy theorists will rejoice when word reaches them of the wi-fi-protecting wallpaper. Just as it sounds, it is a wallpaper that protects people's wireless internet signals against potential hackers and piggy-backers.

Developed by researchers at the Polytechnic Institute Grenoble Institute of Technology, the wi-fi-protecting wallpaper has a special pattern of silver crystals that have been arranged to block certain wireless frequencies. Shaped like snowflakes, this pattern provides a barrier that ensures cyber protection. The only catch is that for this wallpaper to work, it will also have to cover ceilings and floors. Not to mention that it won't work in windowed rooms, although a transparent, ultra-thin version is currently being developed.

The wi-fi-protecting wallpaper will be available in 2013 and cost about the same as mid-range traditional wallpaper.