The 'Whirlpool Fastronomy' Automatically Cooks a Serving of Fresh Food

 - Jun 25, 2013
Creating a single serving of fresh and healthy food, the Whirlpool Fastronomy automatically cooks up anything you want. Shaped like a glass capsule, the cooker takes a single vacuum packed container of foodie goodness. Fastronomy cooks your ingredients to create a meal for one person so that you don't have to worry about leftovers or waste.

A few minutes of being blasted with hot air and steam cooks the pre-packaged ingredients so that you can avoid eating frozen microwave dinners. Mounted on pikes, the food cooks evenly in the container with little mess and effort.

Conceived by designer Kim Risager, the concept cooker aims to provide Scandinavians with a convenient way to eat healthier and enjoy home-cooked meals again. Risager envisions the Fastronomy being accompanied by a food retail service that provides pre-packaged ingredients.