Sweet Dreams Security

Sweet Dreams Security (UK) live up to their name for not only do they provide security products like railings, barbed or razor wire, padlocks and security cameras to give you piece of mind but they also probably bring a smile to your face whilst you dream on.

Their R. Bunnit, Peter Pin and Didoo are three whimsical characters which grace their railings which is a delightful change from traditional Victorian designs. As you can see, their railings grace No.10 Downing Street, the home of the British Prime Minister.

As they say, their Mr. Smish & Madame Buttly barbed wires are their "most vicious but cute products to date"; they can be ordered separately or together as "the dream team of security".

The designer, Matthias Aron Megyeri, strives very hard to put cute into the company products. Their take on sharp pieces of glass atop garden or backyard walls are available in 10 different shapes ranging from trees to houses to what looks like an elf! Billy B. is their padlocks which are shaped just like teddy bears. Their chain links are shaped like hearts. They even proved little flowers to attach to your security alarm boxes or cat cowls for security cameras, aptly named CityCatTV.

Home owners can choose between a lacy Beware of Dog window hanger or net curtains which resemble metal security shutters.

Cute and definitely sweet!