Kayak.com Wants to Help You Get to Westeros by Carriage or Ship

 - May 24, 2014
References: ca.kayak & technabob
If you've ever dreamed of visiting Westeros, travel booking site Kayak.com now lets you indulge in the fantasy even more by going through the motions of planning a trip to the Game of Thrones universe.

Through Kayak, you can specify that you'd like to go somewhere like Kings Landing, Pyke, Braavos and Winterfell, among other destinations, just as you'd search for a flight on Kayak. However, if you're looking to get there fast, it's not going to happen—you'd need to travel by ship or by carriage and if you're hoping to come and go quickly, Kayak will ask you to choose new travel dates.

The experience is both humorous and tormenting, since it feels you can get so close to Westeros, but upon actually trying to reserve a medieval ship or carriage, you are directed to HBO's website and back to the world of reality.