Surfer Clark Little Captures Powerful Images with a Simple Handheld Camera

 - Nov 13, 2014
References: news.distractify & mymodernmet
It has been argued that a camera is as good as the photographer behind it; that is exactly the case when it comes to the wave photographer of Clark Little. Although a surfer by day, he picked up a camera in order to capture epic ocean images for his wife, who before that was prepared to spend a lot of money on a professional print.

Armed with a great eye and a waterproof, handheld camera, Little documents scenes that few non-surfers witness. In regards to this daring series of wave photography, he shares, "The worst thing for me fear-wise is not making it out—just wave after wave and not being able to breath and trying to hold your breath and another big wave is coming and you're stuck and you can't get in and you can't get out. I mean those are the moments where I fear for my life. I don't like that. It's a spooky feeling. But then you get that perfect shot...and it kinda makes it worth it."