The WaterWeight Uses Water to Stabilize Camera Equipment

 - Dec 8, 2014
References: inspiredphotog & gizmag
The WaterWeight is a device that uses water to keep camera gear steady so you can capture the best shots possible.

The contraption is shaped much like a donut and features a bag with a cap button that allows it to easily be filled with water. Once filled with water, the 3.3-pound WaterWeight can be used to secure a tripod or indeed a light stand. The donut-shaped package can be attached around tripods and stands.

Now photographers may understandably be concerned about using expensive camera gear near water-filled bags. However, the WaterWeight can be transported empty; moreover, pressure tests using 15 pounds of force and drop tests from 1.5 meters on hard concrete have produced no failures.

The WaterWeights are available at $50 each, or $110 for a three-unit package.