Global Warming Pushes Atlanta Aquarium to Drain Water

 - Oct 31, 2007
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The world's largest aquarium, the Georgia Aquarium, has drained some of its water exhibits in an effort to help conserve water during the city's worst drought ever.

Georgia was never proactive in developing a water-management plan that addressed a severe drought. To further help the cause of saving water, the aquarium has installed waterless urinals, low-flow faucets, and a system that recaptures condensation from their cooling units. Fish need water. People need water. Water is not a limitless resource! Nobody gives a damn about your green lawn!

To clarify the situation, the aquarium gave us more details to flesh out the story.

"We pulled water out of non-animal water features such as a waterfall, mote and pond," the director of communications for the Georgia Aquarium said, adding, "All of our exhibits are operating normally."

We've been covering the drought since first news of hit: