The 'Wasting Water is Weird' Campaign is Creepy and Effective

If you've ever left the water running while brushing your teeth, or you're known for taking hour-long showers, you may change your ways after seeing the 'Wasting Water is Weird' ad campaign.

Created by the sustainability experts at Shelton Group, the videos aim to raise awareness of the amount of water wasted during daily activities. The ads use an invasive and hilariously creepy character named Rip to spread the word on water consumption. Each scenario shows Rip popping up suddenly at the water-wasting "crime scene," making uncomfortable comments to the culprit until they stop whatever activity it is they're doing. My favorite video features Rip showing up at the scene of a guy washing his car, making awkward and creepy comments like insisting that the two be best friends and ride down the river together.

The 'Wasting Water is Weird' campaign is super-effective, using humor to get an important message across. The entire collection is available for viewing online, and will definitely provide some laughs and food for thought.