IPOcle Uses Shipping Containers and Light to Warp the Senses

 - Apr 25, 2014
References: csismn & designboom
One way to warp the senses is by using a bit of trickery through lighting techniques, which is exactly what IPOcle by Canda? Si?man is all about. Located in shipping containers, the lights are lined up and hung down the middle section of the crates. Sound effects, fog and mirrors are also used to throw off people's sense of direction.

According to DesignBoom, "toying with the physicality of the layers, variables and cycles that are present in the process of seeing, I/P/O-cle — or I (input), P (process), O (output), CLE (cycle) — changes the viewers sense of space so that they may perceive only a limited portion of the actual reality that surrounds them." As long as one isn't worried about a quick warp of the senses, this installation could be a memorable experience. Photo Credits: designboom, csismn