Wantful by John Poisson is Individually Curated for Optimal Giving

 - Aug 31, 2012
References: wantful & fastcodesign
Wantful by John Poisson is a genius gift catalog. It ensures that the person receiving a gift gets something that they truly want, but that has still been chosen by you. Instead of purchasing something with a gift receipt, the catalog anticipates people's changing wants and needs as well as the giver's occasional inability to choose a single amazing item.

Essentially, Wantful by John Poisson allows people to curate their own catalog tailored to a general description of the receiver. Simply give the Wantful website some guidelines such as budget, gender and more personal details and it returns with a slew of options to choose. From there, sixteen items are selected and put into the Wantful catalog. Poisson says, "We designed something that kind of felt like a gift, even though it’s a book full of potential gifts. We really wanted it to feel like a present in and of itself."