Emma Hack Creates Living Wall Coverings With Body Paint

 - Nov 25, 2014
References: emmahackartist.au & fubiz.net
Emma Hack's wearable wallpaper photography plays with one's sense of perception. The artist's incredible works feature a camouflaging technique that involves the act of layering. The artist layers painted body graphics atop a vibrant print of the same look, creating a seamless visual puzzle.

Once painted, Emma Hack's subjects pose against a wallpaper backdrop that they blend into to, making her compositions resemble those of personified wall coverings that appear to live and breath.

Escaping a flat wall surface, this wallpaper photography set features impressive imagery that is brought to life with intricate body paint applications.

Her latest project is filled with not only human subjects but also rare and beautiful birds. White owls and black ravens are some of the winged creatures featured in this series that boasts incredible views from every angle.