Wallet Pix

 - Oct 4, 2007
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Wallet Pix, the ultra-skinny digital photo album, is slim enough to fit inside your wallet, and is the same size as your credit cards.

"Simply connect the device to your computer, transfer photos using the built-in and easy to understand software, disconnect and share," the company says, "It's that easy! Flip through your favorite photos one by one, or use the automatic slideshow feature to scroll through them all."

This is a great gift for the grandparents; they love photos, but they're still a little slow to embrace new technologies. In the past, they were stuck with cheesy, posed and faded school photos in their wallets. Not that it mattered to them -- they're proud to flash photos to anyone. But imagine giving grandma a complete wallet-sized album for Christmas. Everytime you say her, you could update the 58 photos. Suzy had a dance recital? Timmy had his first soccer game? Next time the family gets together, upload the new images.

This gadget would make the perfect gift for a lot of people, going beyond personal use. Anyone with a portfolio (photographer, model, artist) could upload those images, keeping their device stocked with the latest images. Ahh the convenience of technology!