This Wall Frames Display Shirts Instead of Pictures

 - Aug 20, 2013
References: fancy
While pictures are an important way to make memories, this T-Frame T-Shirt Display Case creatively frames favorite and memorable t-shirts in the place of photographs. The T-Frame T-Shirt Display Case is designed to turn shirts into works of wall art.

Designed like a traditional rectangular picture frame, the T-Frame T-Shirt Display Case has two additional square pieces attached to form the arm bands of a t-shirt. The T-Frame overall then looks like a giant t-shirt and can display the shirt's graphic design without wrinkling or crumpling up the shirt. Users simply have to open the back of the frame up and, instead of placing a picture, lay a t-shirt flatly inside. A great alternative to pictures, paintings and posters, the T-Frame is a fresh and contemporary way to let people know what sort of stuff you're interested in.