The Walking Ostrich Robot by Konstantin Ivanov Can Carry a Human

 - Feb 22, 2013
References: gizmag
Building the Walking Ostrich Robot is impressive in and of itself. Throw in a small budget of $1500 and it becomes a feat worthy of talk shows and budding Internet fame. First of all, designing a bot that walks is hard enough as it is, but one that carries the weight of a human is something straight out of a sci-fi flick.

Created by a group of four Russian robot fanatics (Sirotin, Jarmarkin, Stulov and Isakov) that have dubbbed themselves Konstantin Ivanov, the Walking Ostrich Robot is made predominantly out of wood. Weighing in at 396 pounds, it can stand on one leg, just like a real ostrich.

Although the Walking Ostrich Robot may not be the most sophisticated one to have ever been built, based on its budget and capabilities, it is hard not to take notice.