Bad Lip Reading Releases a Walking Dead Spoof

 - May 7, 2013
References: youtube & huffingtonpost
BLR (BadLipReading) is a YouTube channel famous for spoofing movie and TV show clips with ridiculously mismatched sentences who have just released a Walking Dead spoof. BLR is famous for mashing up clips and matching the actors' mouth movements to similar-sounding words that are nonsensically dubbed over the original audio. The video then juxtaposes the audio to the point of oblivion and all you're left with is a fit of giggles.

This time, the BLR takes a shot at The Walking Dead in its latest video 'The Walking (And Talking Dead).' With hilarious dubbed lines like Rick stating, "You don't want to mess up your dumb potato basket" to Darryl replying with, "Woman-thug stole my bango," the gibberish lines juxtapose the intense, serious scenes of zombies and emotion so much that you can't help but laugh hysterically throughout the clip.