Defy Traditional Design with the Vuoristo Table by Fabien Barrero+Carsenet

 - Aug 21, 2013
References: fabienbarrero & archidesignclub
There are usually only so many design options when looking for a coffee table, but the Vuoristo Table offers something totally different for your living room.

Created by French designer Fabien Barrero+Carsenet, the table seems to show a dislike for the normal pegs that are traditionally used for table legs and instead opts for steel-constructed cones. The Vuoristo Table - meaning mountain in Finish - was inspired by the breathtaking landscapes in Finland. The bottom half of the table shows the skeletal composition of the cones while the top half reveals a smooth surface which resemble the beautiful countryside scenery.

You may find some great deals at Ikea, but the Vuoristo Table will give your home an edge you just can't find anywhere else.