Jaime Neely Explores the Volkswagen Cross Coupe

 - Feb 27, 2013
References: youtu.be
Jaime Neely, an Editor and Educational Curator at TrendHunter.com, was invited to the 40th Canadian International AutoShow to check out the conceptVolkwagen Cross Coupe for 2013. Judging by the new Beetle Convertible and EOS Convertible, Volkswagen hasn’t abandoned one of its core principles that driving should be, above all else, fun.

But the underlying message at this year’s AutoShow seems to be one of sustainability. Volkswagen is revealing a Jetta model with TDI (a.k.a. Turbocharged Direct Injection) Clean Diesel technology, which is sure to give you extra miles on the gallon.

Jamie was able to learn more about the ways in which Volkwagen cars are designed and engineered to be lean and green in just about every aspect through interactive and educational touchscreen displays. For example, the heat generated by braking in a Volkswagen vehicle is re-used to charge the car’s alternator. Also, enabling Coasting Mode in a Volkswagen will shut down an idling engine to avoid wasting fuel as well as emitting greenhouse gases.