The Vivian Nguyen 'Street Fighter Kids' Illustrations Kick Butt

The Vivian Nguyen Street Fighter Kids imagines the iconic video gamer characters in their earlier years. The series was created by the Arizona-born artist Vivian Nguyen, who is currently working as a Flash illustrator and animator for Nickelodeon Games.The adorable illustrations mix watercolor and pencil in order to document the infantile state of the characters.

Each of the drawings reflect near-normal children, except their obvious fighting tendencies, in rooms filled with teddy bears and toys. With the characters showing the beginning of their famous moves we see the "Spinning Bird Kick" when it was only the "Spinning Plush Kick!" or the famous "Hadouken" start off as the "Ha-Broken!"

The only problem with the series, is it only documents three of the many Street Fighter characters, Nguyen only depicts Ryu, Chun-Li and Blanka.