Ridemaster Pro

 - Aug 4, 2008
References: racewood & arbroath.blogspot
Billed as the "Ultimate Fully Interactive Horse Simulator", the Ridemaster Pro is proving a hit with city dwellers and serious equestrians.

The fully interactive set-up suits both novices and experienced riders and will let them canter and trot indoors. The Ridemaster Pro is ideal for people who don't have the space to keep a real horse and yet, it will let them practice their horseback riding skills. The horse, complete with movable head, is "perfectly schooled" and can perform advanced movements like medium trot, medium canter, lateral work and rein back.

This £40,000 ($80,000) virtual reality riding machine is a mechanical horse equipped with sensors and linked to a screen via a computer. The software offers three views - riders, spectators and judges - where the moves and tests become invaluable as a teaching aid. Some software packages include dressage tests or custom ones can be ordered for leisure rides in a particular location. The cost is prohibitive for individuals but the Ridemaster Pro does have income potential for riding schools, leisure centres or even a gym. A calorie counter can be included.

It could be called the world's most advanced rocking horse! No mucking out is required.

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