VW Suicide Bomber is Viral Ad of the Year

 - Dec 29, 2005
References: news.agendainc
Viral ads are often dismissed as being spoofs, but that's what some companies want you to believe. A number of high profile companies have launched sexy or controvercial ads that they know will reinforce their brand image and get them millions of dollars in free advertising. Is the VW ad real or spoof? Unfortunately for all you scandal lovers, it's a spoof.
"Volkswagen is to take legal action against the mystery duo who made the controversial suicide bomber short film that apparently shows an Arab blowing himself up in a Polo car.
After a week of prevarication, the car giant has decided to go ahead and sue the people behind the advert on the grounds that it was damaging its reputation around the world and falsely linked the VW with terrorism.
"We are taking legal action but because it's early stages we cannot comment further," a Volkswagen spokesman said.
But the company privately admitted that it cannot locate Lee and Dan, the London based advertising creative partnership who dreamed up the film, which has been seen around the world via the internet. " - Guardian

Or maybe this is all just part of the program...