VIP Fibers & Fur Ever Yarn

 - Mar 14, 2008
References: vipfibers & geeksugar
VIP Fibers is a company offering the ultimate service for pet lovers. I'm talking series animal freaks.

The next time your doggy goes for a trim or you decide to shear your cat (just keep the fur on the head for a nice lion effect), keep the leftover fur and send it in to VIP Fibers and they'll spin it into a neat product for you, like an iPod or cell phone case!

It's perfect if you're looking for an unbeatably unique gift idea, just make sure your friends aren't allergic to dander when you present them with their new accessory care of Fluffy's newly shaved pelt. After sending in the fur, the company sends back the yarn and offers patterns to make anything from scarves to socks and even bikinis.

Another company will spin our pet's hairs into Fur-Ever Yarn so you can create your own knit creations with generous donations from Felix and Fido. A good pet owner will create sweaters for their four-legged friends though, being naked can get quite chilly!

I don't understand this whole phenomenon, but I suppose this way pet owners can feel the fur of their animal friends, even after they're gone.