Martina Ianniello Transformed into a Queen of the Night

 - Nov 18, 2013
References: diegoricci & nextdoormodel
Cement In Fear is a vampire-inspired shoot by Diego Ricci in which model Marina Ianniello stares eerily into your soul. With very carefully applied deep purple eye shadow, the model's bright green eyes are strongly emphasized making her look very supernatural.

Her fair skin, piercing stare and long, shiny hair makes her look like the ideal vampire as she stalks her prey. She wears a variety of fashionable outfits. In one image she wears dress pants with black lines designed into it to make them look like denim jeans. Her stylist paired that with a puffy blouse with tribal patterns on the cuffs -- very stylish and full of flair.

Her facial expressions are also very vampire-inspired: a sultry frown and open mouth. Her blood red dress also adds to the 'queen of the night' effect.