Valentino Garavani Virtual Musuem is Dedicated to the Designer's Career

If you're a fan of Valentino, his elegant and glamorous designs and, of course, his infamous red dresses, then you'll love the Valentino Garavani Virtual Musuem, which is set to launch on Dec. 5.

Showcasing the designer's career, which spans five decades, the Valentino Garavani Virtual Musuem offers an innovative 3D look at Valentino's own archives, which comprises animated galleries with over 5,000 images (offering 360-degree views) and 95 fashion show videos. Over 300 of Valentino's dress designs are cataloged, including those worn by famous style setters like Jackie Kennedy and Julia Roberts. An incredible virtual experience, the Valentino Garavani Virtual Musuem allows visitors to click styles to see up-close detail and get information on the garment, such as its background, who wore it and what campaigns it has been featured in.

While you anxiously await the launch, watch a preview of the amazing virtual 3D museum in the video.