This Vacuum Elevator Uses a Pneumatic System to Operate

 - Mar 19, 2014
References: daytonaelevator & gizmag
A new vacuum elevator developed in Argentina looks set to revolutionize the residential elevator market, making elevators more affordable and easier to set up than ever before.

Installing an elevator at home is a problematic endeavor given the amount of space needed, infrastructure and maintenance requirements, as well as the overall cost and hassle of installing a device as big as an elevator in a residential space.

The Residential Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator has been developed to counter all these issues. This self-supporting elevator is made of aluminum and polycarbonate and amazingly takes just a few hours to install. It is a completely self-supporting device that is extremely light, takes up just one square meter of horizontal space and, to top it all off, doesn't require a pit or hoistway.

The vacuum elevator works on the principle of air pressure difference above and beneath the vacuum elevator cab. The elevator essentially sits on a cushion of air, which makes starting and stopping far smoother than regular mechanical elevators. Its unique streamlined design and the ease of its installation mean it can easily be adapted to non-conventional home designs.