The U.SSKB x Dr. Romanelli Collection is Biker Inspired

The U.SSKB x Dr. Romanelli collection is a lively mix of outlandish embroidery clad peacoats perfect for transitional weather. This does not mark the first joint effort by these two, but is still an exclusive collaboration.

The impeccably styled series features some quirky appliques and are a hipster's delight. The jackets are vintage 1940s peacoats brought to life with modern stitching and contemporary add-ons. Every piece is hand-stitched and made with exact precision. Special pieces include the 'Chief' coat made with custom leather zippers, the 'God Save the Queen' coat with a Playboy bunny emblem and the 'Grizzly' coat finished with hand chain stitching. The jackets are eccentric, outlandish and conversation pieces.

The U.SSKB x Dr. Romanelli collection is a customized grouping of reworked jackets brought to life with exquisite craftsmanship.