The Jimi Extension by BlueLounge Helps Mac Users Reach the USB Ports

 - May 2, 2014
References: bluelounge & theawesomer
If you own a Mac desktop and you struggle to reach the inconvenient USB ports located at the back of the computer screen, the Jimi UBS extension by BlueLounge will solve all your problems.

The Jimi is a handy USB extension with a J-shaped design to extend the unreachable Mac USB port closer to you. BlueLounge designed the Jimi to have a connector piece to fit inside the Mac's USB as well as an another USB extension for you to use. The J-shape Jimi is perfectly designed to come down the back of the Mac and put the USB more in reach. The Jimi gives you that extra little bit of room so you don't have to reach so far to plug in your electronics.