Korea's Shinhan Card

 - Dec 30, 2007
References: shinhancard & english.etnews.co.kr
The invention of the Shinhan Card was bound to happen. As credit cards and security get more advanced, and the computers become the tool of choice for communication and payment, we knew the dawn of the USB credit card wasn't far off.

The USB Visa has finally made its world debut on December 27 in Korea.

"The USB credit card provides the online and contactless payment function and works the post-paid transportation card as well," the Electronic Times wrote.

"The built-in IC chip includes the public authorization and the internet credit payment programs."

Instead of putting in their pins, or swiping their credit cards, payments are made by inserting the USB in a slot, allowing for touchless payment at participating stores. It has a built-in internet payment program.

It's a great innovation, but it's not multi-purpose; the flashdrive can't be stored to hold any other data like music, photos or documents.

But what happens if you lose it? At least now there's a signature, and merchants are supposed to check ID on expensive purchases. That's why so many people still favor debit cards, because they require a pin.

For now, not enough people are tech savvy, older generations left behind, so Shinhan will continue to offer services with the old plastic as well.