The Urban Cage by Chang Chieh Portrays Devices as Pets

 - Jun 4, 2014
The Urban Cage is a contemporary take on the common birdcage. First of all, it isn't actually meant to house birds. Instead, it is a playful take on smartphone docks. Because of this important detail, it doesn't have any bars meant to cage something up. The Urban Cage simply boasts the general silhouette of a birdcage.

A clever concept, the Urban Cage can be assigned deeper meaning other than the fact that it is a creative smartphone dock. In a way, smartphones have become the newfangled pet. People carry them about everywhere and pay some adoring attention to them on a minute basis. Designed by Yi-Ting Chen, an industrial designer based in Taipei, Taiwan, the Urban Cage was stunningly shot by photographer Chang Chieh. It is portrayed as a stylish alternative to other docks.