The U-Plug Concept is an Instant Converter with a Convenient Grip

 - Feb 14, 2013
References: & yankodesign
Travelers know just how frustratingly bulky most electrical converters on the market are, so it's great to see this compact concept of the U-Plug. The handy doodad has its pair of rounded prongs held together by a C-shaped arm of flexible material, enabling the user to push the two together or to separate them, depending on the type of European or Asian socket available to them.

Suraj Patel's design has a great deal less material to it, making it cheaper to manufacture and presumably less expensive to purchase. It's available in a full spectrum of fun colors and can link up with others for easy storage and portability. The U-Plug's unique form provides a clever tab to help you pull it out of the wall in a safe and swift way.