Jan Stockdale's United Nations Photography Peeks Behind the Scenes

 - Jun 9, 2014
References: janestockdale & itsnicethat
Jane Stockdale's united nations photography, which captures the troops hard at work, is void of many cliches that other documentary photographers fall prey to. Her work is lucid, distinct and a narrative of potential peril.

Formerly, Stockdale worked on diverse projects, such as one that documented a samba group in Rio, and another which focused on the British survival competition 'Tough Guy.' Her latest job focuses on the work of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. Their primary role is described as "patrolling the coastline, trying to stop the smuggling of illegal shipments and armaments getting into Lebanon."

The crisp blue skies and complementing waters look misleadingly benign for what is actually very dangerous work. However, the high-tech equipment and official uniforms imbue the photographs with an uneasy sense of potential risk and insecurity, making the series incredibly engaging.