These PinPres Shelves from ‘OOO’ are Certainly Some Unique Fu

 - Dec 20, 2013
References: pin-pres & fancy
These shelves from ‘OOO’ have to be the most unique furniture I’ve ever seen. Not only are they out-there and outlandish, they are also pretty practical. The rows and columns can be easily manipulated to create whatever arrangement you want.

This unique furniture piece is great for a child’s rooms or for adults who still carry a creative spark in all that they do, even in organizing. The PinPres is a wooden board with multiple wooden pins going through it. You can press the pins in and out to determine what shape you want your shelves to make on the other side.

There is literally unlimited possibility in what can be done with this. You could have the top rows be set to hold your books and the bottom to perfectly encapsulate stuffed animals. The PinPres even comes in multiple colors. Chose from red, blue, purple or natural wood.