These Ads Show Consumers Ugly Fruit and Vegetables are Worth Buying

 - Aug 16, 2016
References: modernfarmer
The CUESA, or Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture, is looking to bring more consumers to its farmers markets and prevent ugly fruit and vegetables from going to waste.

To do so, it's released a series of ads that humorously sexualize produce, which show intertwined carrots, an eggplant with a random growth and conjoined strawberries. Each is accompanied with a witty caption that works to portray the ugly fruit and vegetables as something that should be picked up and brought home. With the image of the irregularly shaped strawberry for example, the CUESA includes the phrase "Swipe ripe."

The goal of the organization in doing so is to facilitate more purchases for its San Francisco farmers markets and to show consumers that if they buy ugly fruit and vegetables, it will taste just the same as its more attractive counterparts.