‘Ubi-The Ubiquitous Computer’ is a Hands-Free Super Computer

 - Aug 24, 2012
References: kickstarter
A Kickstarter project is in its final days of its campaign and it’s a must see, entitled the ‘Ubi-The Ubiquitous Computer.’ Essentially, it's a device that completely cuts out having to use your hands to get things done.

This voice-activated device takes the idea of Apple’s Siri and applies it to your home. Ubi is short for ubiquitous because the device is alway on, always ready to help and always listening. Currently, the Ubi can be used by hundreds of applications but some of the main features it has are voice-enabled Internet search, voice memos, alarm clock, baby monitor, climate control, virtual assistant (audio calendar, podcasts etc) and many more.

Plug the Ubi into a wall outlet and it connects to the wireless Internet and awaits further instruction. I strongly believe that this is going to change the way in which we do things with computers. Ubi is still under development, so many program developers can still contribute to this new device.