Max Knoblaunch's Series Depicts Types of Coffee Drinkers

There are numerous types of coffee drinkers in the world and your'e probably one of them. The majority of coffee enthusiasts have a particular way of making or ordering their coffee. Mashable's contributor Max Knoblaunch sheds light on particular coffee drinkers on his Tumblr blog.

The images are actually a series of funny GIFs and they illustrate the nine different types of coffee junkies you can find everywhere. And though you may be in denial, you can most likely relate to one of them.

Knoblauch names each addict and showcases them with exaggerated mannerisms that are quite hysterical. Some of the types of coffee drinkers he illustrated include ‘The Black Coffee Drinker,’ ‘The Iced Coffee Insane Person’ and ‘The Secret Menu Guy.'