The Twin Headphones by Roel Deden Let You Listen With Your Friends

The Twin Headphones by Roel Deden are the ultimate device for sharing music. These headphones look like a normal pair of earpieces but actually split into two separate sets of listening devices.

While the inner portion of the headphones is unattached to create a smaller set of headphones, the outer ring still remains, which still plays the music. The outer-ring headphones make the ears visible, allowing one to listen to music while not blocking out all outside noise. The best part of these separating headphones is that if the two pairs are within close range, they can play the same music at the same time so one can listen along with their friends.

The Twin Headphones by Roel Deden are still only a concept, but hopefully it won't be long before one can jog along side their friends while listening to the same pump-up jams.Photo Credits: designboom,