The Tulip Lamp by Maria Ovchinnikova is Simple and Versatile

 - Jan 10, 2013
References: yankodesign
The inspiration behind the Tulip Lamp may be self-evident from its title, but there is something suspiciously Pantone about it as well. From the solid blocks of color preceded by a 'strip' of white, the Tulip Lamp could have easily been modeled after a Pantone color chip. Either way, it is a modern and stylish light fixture that would brighten up anyone's home.

Designed by Maria Ovchinnikova, the Tulip Lamp is quite versatile. Although it can easily be set on the floor or on a table, the Tulip Lamp has small single protrusions on each side that can be utilized as hooks if a person wants to convert it into a pendent light.

Available in two sizes, the Tulip Lamp comes in different colors including orange and grey as well as a natural wood.